Friday, September 5, 2008

Gondola in Venice, Italy

I already visited Venice twice. Gondola is considered to be a traditional Venetian Rowing Boat!! In order to see more sightseeing and scenery in Venice, you can ride the Gondola since it is also use as a means of transportation here..Riding a Gondola can be a very memorable experience!! I will go back again to Venice next time!! I love this place too despite having bad experience with some people here!! I mean with one of the waitresses of a coffee shop there!! She just don't have a customer service and was even rude at all.. I don't care anyway as long as I enjoy my trip there!! It would be more enjoyable if businesses who are engaged in Gastronomy like restaurants or caterings are customer friendly especially if the city is a tourist destination.


Carlota said...

kanus-a kaha ko ka anha dira sa?

Euroangel said...

happy to see you here Carlots..cge lang kaanhi jud ka diri in d future..


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