Friday, September 5, 2008

I am Finally Going to Prague!!

I booked a trip for two last Wednesday in Prague. I got the reservation by postmail yesterday. Today I made a payment through "ueberweisung" or bank transfer ..yeheeeyyyyyy!!! I'm very happy again!!...I can see Prague finally. My dreams are slowly coming real!! The trip will be on Sept. 27, 2008. It will be a bus trip. I am very excited to see this famous city in Czech Republic.

Hopefully next month, I can also make a trip to Paris!!!! yuppeeeyyyy!!! One of my friend online, Sis Twinks commentd last time that the title of this blog should be "Dakilang Lakwatsera" not "My Euro Travel and Adventure"..hahaha!!! Why not...I hope I can still make another blog with this title...but I have already a lot.....see yah soon Prague!!!! I will already start the book I bought about Prague. It is in German language but I guess its not a problem anymore since I speak, read and understand basic German already!!

TGIF to all!! have a nice and blessed weekend to all!!



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