Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Euro Travel

a statue in front of the Birmingham city hall

I'm travelling again. As what I had mentioned in my previous post that I just arrived in Birmingham yesterday safely. Oh well, I will not be travelling alone, my friend Dae Loy will be with me. We plan to go to Barcelona, Madrid and Rome..We will see but for sure we will be visiting any two cities and more more cities here in United Kingdom. I was just browsing for a site about hotels in Madrid. I found very cheap ones at Hotels Madrid Norte. As you know Madrid is one of Spain's great city that attracts millions of visitor each year from all over the world.
How about you? Are you planning to travel in Europe? How about Amsterdam which is the
is the capital and largest city of Netherlands. It is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country and also one of the most interesting tourist spots in Europe. Amsterdam hotels are also great to stay-in.
How I also wish that I can visit Florence next time. Considering Romantic hotels in Florence can be a great experience especially if you travel with your love ones...or your husband for example!..Lisbon is also a very nice city in Europe. It is the largest city and capital of Portugal. I know that I can visit this great city next time. Of course staying in one of Lisbon hotels can be great. If you are planning to travel in Europe and want to find a place to stay, Euro Bookings is the best place to find it!! Have a great safe trip to all of us!!



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