Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remembering Home!

photos by: Euroangel
Our beautiful garden in Cebu, Philippines
The ceiling Fan inside our house in Cebu, Phils.. This photo was taken last Jan. 2007...quite a long time already!! hopefully next time I can share more pix from the house with paints already.

I am deviating my Euro travel post now. Since I miss again my home country, sometimes it is good to see photos from there. I also spoke to my family in the Philippines this morning. The more I really miss them especially when I hear their voices. They are having a baptismal party of my 6 months niece. I also mention to my husband about taking a vacation to my home country. Hopefully between the middle of March and April next year. If not I really have to go home in December next year. Going home there during March and April can be very hot. It is summer time and I bet you you need some ceiling fans to cool you off!! I don't have to worry because we have some already. If you happen to need one, just visit Lighting Showplace and they have everything you need when it comes to ceiling fans!! Have a great day to all!!



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