Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Well Soon!

the famous Windsor Castle in England...I love this place I wish to live here like a Queen...wink!!

Hi guys! How are you doing? First of all I want to apologize for not giving you updates all the time here. As what I had mentioned before I was in United Kingdom enjoying my escapades. I hope to share more photos from my travel in UK once I have uploaded everything. Actually, I am feeling not so good today. My throat aches and I still had a migraine as I woke-up this morning. I am feeling better now but not perfectly okey. I should be sharing to you a bit about this very good site with regards to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. I know this is quite far from my main topic but sharing it might not cost nothing. Have you seen the video about the famous drug and alcohol treatment in San Diego?

I just watched today this video and I found it very interesting and also inspiring especially for those who have alcohol and drug addiction problem. I am just sad everytime I hear about friends, former classmates or neighbours who got problems like any of this. I know it is not easy to find a solution about this kind of problems. There are a lot of drug treatment centers but you need to find the perfect place where you can have good or even fast recovery about any form of addiction.

I would suggest that you watch this video about alcohol treatment centers at apnatube.com. The speaker want to emphasize the good things about Cliffside Malibu and how they can help people get back to their normal lives. The services provided by them are simply to help people recover from their sickness and disorders. If ever you got any disorders like drug or alcohol addiction, depression or eating disorders, I believed the best thing to do is to visit their site for more infos!! Get well soon and get back that happy and normal life!!



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