Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Travel and Euro Sports

The Lord's Mayor parade in London last Nov. 08, 2008. It was raining so hard as we went here! very nice and attractive parade!!

Does travel and sports go together? I believed so! In one way or another travelling might be a form of sports? A bit vague but I guess there are some sort of relativity between the two words. But anyway, this time I will let you travel to Taikai homepage. Have you heard about Euro Sports? I love to watch this sometimes in the television. Taikai can be a great page for those who love sports like soccer, rugby american football and a lot more. You can also open an account so the so-called Kontoeröffnung in German to enjoy the privilege of being a Taikai member. Don't forget to grab your Taikai Freerolls! Enjoy the games and have fun!!



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