Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel Back Home

My planned Christmas gift to my beloved father..this super big Bull in Bullring Mall in Birmingham, England. is it possible?

I am finally back home! I did mentioned in one of my sites that we already have two vacant rooms now since one member of the family just left trying to have his own life. Good for him so that he will also learn how to really live the real life. I am planning to make the small room as my office and planning to put a single bed maybe. I am working at home now as a freelancer and I need a small space for my stuffs. My computer is in our sleeping room and sometimes my husband is complaining because the keyboard is very noisy especially if I work in the night. The bigger room can be a guest room if somebody visits us, either some friends or a family member for overnight. We are planning to buy some sort of bed frames that best fit the two rooms..I need to clean them first but now I just don't have enough times due to a lot of backlogs during my vacation to England for almost a month. Hopefully next week I can start cleaning it. I am quite excited with my new small office!! wink!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo ruby,

nauli na diay ka.......

ako pasalubong asa man....heheheh

bitaw, mayo enjoy mo kaayo ni loloy.......

thnks sa paghatag ni loloy sa card ha?...danke


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