Monday, December 15, 2008

I thought I am going to Barcelona or Rome

It's Monday again. I am sharing this photo which was taken in Birmingham Christmas Market. German people from Frankfurt Germany hosted it. There were a lot of people as we went here last Nov. 15 because it was also the first day that it was officially opened. During my trip to England, I thought I was also visiting some places like Barcelona or Rome. Any of these two places. I already reserved some money if ever we will really go there. But due to some financial problems of my friend, the plan did not push through. Instead I spent that money that I reserved for my trip to Barcelona or Rome by going to London for four days and visiting a friend in Harrogate. I also stayed in Harrogate for four days.

Let me go back to the financial problem of my friend which I think also worthy to share here as part of my travel and adventure. She have a good job there but I also don't understand why she got problems about financial matters. Or probably it is maybe the right way of managing her finances why she got problem like this? I'm not really sure because it is not also my business to ask her about it. She even shared to me that one bank asked her to visit their office due to her account overdrafts. I don't exactly know if she has Bad Credit Loans because she said that she can't apply for credit cards anymore. She also said that she also have a difficulty in paying her monthly mortgage. I just hope that everything will be better for her in the near future. I also would like to tell you guys that nowadays there already a lot of online sites that offer help even if you have bad history credits. One of this is Bad Credit Loan Shop. Brows their site for more infos! That's the story why my trip to Barcelona or Rome did not push through. I still have a lot of time anyway!! Enjoy your Monday!!



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