Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheap Euro Travel

Hi Guys! How was your day! It's TGIF right? I hope that this day ended great especially for those people who are travelling. First of all, I would like share this photo taken in front of Queen Victoria monument in Birmingham, England. Talking about Birmingham, it is a good place to go shopping. How would you like to go shopping to one of the biggest malls in England like the Bullring, Debenhams, Palisades, Riverchase Galleria and a lot more. I really had a great stay in England during my three weeks trip last year.

Getting the Cheapest travel is the one that I am always trying to find. I believed that in this economic and financial crisis that we have now, everybody always wanted to have the cheapest vacation. Planning before you travel is an advantage so that you can save some money. I am always having a good deal when I travel. Thanks to friends who had helped me a lot. Travelling Cheap is very searchable in the internet now. In fact, I had a very great and cheap trip last year as I travel to England. Personally, I am still planning to travel anywhere in Europe. It is my dream to see different places and countries that I have not visited yet like Portugal, Rome, Paris (only Paris in Vegas), Poland and many many more. I found one good blog entitled Travelling Cheap which shares very good ideas and infos about cheap travel and vacation. I would like to bookmark this page for my next travel anywhere here in Europe. Get that good travel deal all the time and save some bucks. Yes I will!!



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