Friday, January 16, 2009

Visit To London

Oh yes, I was in London! It is one of the cities in the world that I always dream to go to. This photo simply says that I was there. This was taken in Canary Wharf, London. Take note, the photo has a also date for more evidence. The first time I went to London during my three weeks vacation in England was Nov. 29-30 last year. Honestly guys, we really had a hard time trying to find a cheap London hotel. We had been walking some streets in London like in Marylebone and Earlscore but it took us some hours to find the cheapest one available.

I even argued with my friend because she really want to walk around the city and find the cheapest one. At that time I was already very tired after walking. Besides that a trip from Birmingham to London is also quite far and tiring. You can be very lucky if you can find some cheap London hotels. I believed you can if you have the right site where to find it.

At least now, I already have some idea where site to go to find some affordable hotels in London. Do you have an idea where to search it in internet? London hotels is simply the best site to search for cheap and affordable hotels in London. They provide lists of different hotels of your choice. If it is you first time in London and you are not familiar with the streets there, they can also provide you with street guides. That is a plus point!! I know I will be backed again in London next time!!


leizlmarie said...

hello there! dream ko din mkapunta sa London.. hehe.. kelan pa kaya? haha.. basta one of my so many dreams ko ang mkapagtour around the world including London.. hahaii.. hehe.. buti ka pa, ptour-tour lang! wheee :]


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