Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funfair in Neumarkt, Germany

I guess I have been very busy posting in this blog tonight. It is already 1am and I am still here. promise this will be my last post for tonight. I need to wake-up early tomorrow to do a lot of things. Above photo was taken in Neumarkt Volksfest or Funfair here in Germany. This was taken last year. I hope to visit this feast again this year. I just love going to this event every year. Let me go now to something I want to share.

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leizlmarie said...

wow.. travel galore tlaga! inggit ako.. haha.. sana ako din :]

Carrie said...

Hi, this is Art again---I don't know about Pay Day loans in Europe, but in the U.S. they are very dangerous ways to get money. Some states have even outlawed them because of the very exorbitant interest rates that are charged. Some places charge as much as 500% annually. Most states now have laws that make it mandatory for the places to explain in detail how much the annual percentage rate is and how much it will cost for the people to take out those loans. Many people are getting deeper and deeper in debt because they have to keep renewing the loans to just keep up with the interest. Even a decent credit card will give most people a better interest rate. I hope that this problem has not become a prevalent in Europe. Keep up the good work on your blogs. I really enjoy reading about your travels. I wish that I lived there. If I did, I would definitely take that trip to Italy with you. Hope that you have fun on the trip. Art

Euroangel said...

Hi Leizl..thanks for the comment..

Hello Art, happy to see you again here...take care always!!


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