Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Las Vegas Vacation

I am back here guys! You might be wondering that my Euro travel turned to Las Vegas Vacation as you can see in the title. I just want to share my vacation last year in the renown entertainment capital of the world. I guess most people have heard about Las Vegas and what it can offer to to everyone who plans to visit this spectacular city. I just don't want to sound this site so monotone about my Euro travel. I believed sharing different interesting cities around the world especially Las Vegas is worthy here. Besides that it is also part of my travel and adventure around the world. As you can see in my first photo above, this was taken on top of one of the hotels in Las Vegas. here you can see the bird's eye view of Las Vegas. What an amazing picturesque you can see here if you are on top.

As you know, Las Vegas is one of the most visited places around the world in terms of entertainment or simply to spend a memorable vacation. Would you believed that Las Vegas is a desert in a huge valley and considered to be one of the most improved desert around the world. I can't believed that this desert turned-out to be the entertainment capital of the world. No wonder that you can see and experience everything in Las Vegas from luxurious hotels, to shopping, entertainment and a lot more. Talking about hotels, to name a few famous ones are Wynn, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Mirage, Venetian, Paris, Planet Hollywood, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Circus and a lot more.

Now let me feature here Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club or simply called as Wynn. The second photo I have here is only a little inside part of Wynn. Sorry guys, I should post here a better photo of Wynn but since my thousands of photos in Las Vegas is not yet organized until now, I just can't find the right one. Wynn alone has a lot to offer to its guests and visitors. Considering its entertainment shows like Monty Python's Spamalot, Le Reve, Avenue Q and the famous entertainer, Danny Gans is soon to move next month in Wynn. It has also a lot of shops and boutiques, restaurants, night clubs, attractions and many many more. If ever you are fun of playing golf, Wynn also includes it in one of its amenities being the only Golf course in Las Vegas strip. What more else can I say? Las Vegas is truly great place to enjoy your vacation!

Spamalot, a Tony Award-winning comedic musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail



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