Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vacation in England, UK

I am back guys! How are you doing so far? I want to share this photo taken at Barge Gallery in Stratford Upon Avon. If you know this place, you might find it very interesting. You know why? because it is the birthplace of the famous poet, William Shakespeare. I was there! Let me just share to you another thing tonight. Do you play bingo? If yes, this site might be very interesting for you.

If you want to play free bingo, you can visit Bingoport and have fun. I am playing bingo too but honestly, it was been a long time that I did not play it. I know that there are a lot of sites in the internet that can provide you with entertainments now like playing bingo online. If you want to simply have fun at home and win prizes at the same time, this site can be a great place to go. If ever you are new to bingo, you can chat with their bingo chat team or managers to have further knowledge. I guarantee you, it is just so easy to play it.

Are you also familiar with Gala Bingo? How I wish I was able to play it during my visit to England last year especially the Osbourne gala bingo. One more thing, Bingo is a cool game to have fun and Bingoport is simply one of the best place to hang-out since they provide you with the lists of all UK online bingo sites. I wish you luck for playing!! Have fun!!

About my vacation to England, that was truly a great and memorable one!!



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