Friday, February 20, 2009

Fasching in Dietfurt, Germany

That was a very fantastic event and celebration we witnessed yesterday. It was the Chinese Fasching or carnival in Dietfurt in the Oberfpalz in the State of Bavaria in Germany. Dietfurt is always known for this carnival parade every year. I am lucky and happy to see the amazing festival. A lot of people, more than thousands I guess, who were coming from different neighboring cities and places went there. What I love in the Carnival there is its uniqueness being a Chinese Carnival. There were 54 groups and organizations who joined the parade. It was a very successful one if you have to ask me about it. I guess most participants in the parade had the best fat burners as they walked around the city showing the people their attractive, beautiful and unique customs. For sure, they burned fats during the parade. The best thing yesterday is that, the weather was very friendly. It was a sunny winter day which I love most. Feel free to visit my other sites for more photos and updates!! have a great evening to all!

Don't forget to enjoy your weekend. For sure I will because I will attend a birthday of a friend tomorrow and on Sunday we will see another Fasching again in the nearby place.



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