Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plan To Travel Again!

this photo was taken in our small town...looks like in Alaska huh!!

First of all I would like to greet a belated happy birthday to friend named Lucil and to my cousin's husband who celebrated his birthday today. Actually we just came home from Lucil's birthday now. I had good conversation with her three Aunts. One is planning to visit the States and they asked me if it is just easy to get a travel visa there. Per experience, I told them that I had a difficulty before when I was still not a European citizen. I just advised them to visit the US Embassy in Germany for more infos. We had been talking about travel to different places in Europe and some other countries. Considering Alaska Travel, of course I have a plan to visit this place next time. The question is when because I already planned to travel again next month.

Before I visit a certain place, I always see to it that I have some infos about the country or place where I plan to travel. Thanks to Travel Alaska site that gives a lot of relevant information about Alaska and the different interesting places to see there. I know I can't travel at this moment but I know one day, I can visit this place.

I had also seen some very nice and beautiful photos of Alaska especially from Denali Park which I really found exciting and interesting. Some sort of having an adventure which I always love. If you have a plan to visit Alaska, you can take a look at Alaska Denali Tours for more information. Time to bid goodbye. It is almost 1am now!! Enjoy your Sunday guys!!


Arya said...

You are really enjoy your trip and food where is find out..
Taking care where ever you are, keeping your energy full fill. Have a great Sunday. ;)


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