Monday, February 16, 2009

Fasching in Germany

Hellau!! shout the people during the Fasching..It's Fasching Time in Germany guys!! This photo with the children wearing fasching customs (guess their not children anymore..they are the same height as me...hehehe..they are around 11-13 years old) was taken in Dietfurt here in the state of Bavaria, Germany. This was last February 2007. I can't wait to see the Chinese Fasching or Carnival this coming Thursday!! have a great evening to all!! Time to go to bed. I have to wake-up early tomorrow to accompany some friends in the Landratsamt (City hall) for some paper works in inviting a family member here in Germany.


Santosh Nikam said...

Looks so intresting. Nice one..

benin said...

i will like to know what papers i need if i want to invist my brother to germany i am a nigerian i live in germany for 5year now i am married to a germany man and we have a baby together .

Euroangel said...

Hi Santosh..happy to see you around...

Hello Benin..I will try to help you find some infos about can also try to visit my Travel and Exlore Germany Site..I will post it especially for you hopefully on MOnday..thanks for the visit here!!

take care guys!!


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