Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shopping In Europe

Guten Abend! sounds strange words!! It is a German word which means "good evening". How was your Sunday evening anyway or your Valentine's celebration yesterday? I got a great one today. I had a walk with my husband in the afternoon. As we came home, we ate my favorite German food which is "Schweinebraten". Before I bid goodbye online, let me share first about shopping in Europe.

Like the US or maybe any other continents or countries around the world, shopping is always present. It is part of our lives now. Shopping in Europe can also be very expensive especially if you don't know where to shop. It also depends on what product or brand you are shopping. For almost six years of living in Europe, I already know where to go and where to shop. I even mentioned my to my sister in Las Vegas that shopping here is sometimes fun and exciting. My sister love branded bags..But I reminded her not to waste money too much on things that depreciate. But sometimes compensating or giving a gift for all your hardwork should be considered. I guess she can afford to buy Botkier 'James' satchel handbag which I also love. I will see till she visit Europe next time. Time to say goodnight guys!! Have a great week ahead!!

p.s. this photo was taken in one of the shopping mall in Birmingham. ..sorry forgot its name..



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