Monday, February 2, 2009

Harrogate, England

This was taken in Harrogate, England during my vacation there last year. I love this place too! I stayed in a friend's apartment in Parliament Street. Talking about my friend Ross, she just sent me a message in my friendster telling that they might be visiting me this coming July. I hope we will be in Germany this time so that I can accommodate them in our house. We are planning to take a vacation in my homeland, beloved Philippines! I was also looking for a travel brochure tonight about a trip to Fuerteventura or Mallorca in Spain. i know they have nice beaches there. I am not sure if I need some sort of Technomarine watches for me and my husband if ever we are going there for swimming. wish me luck to visit these places in Spain!! It will be a great part of my Euro travel...wink!!



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