Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Remembering Leeds in England

Time passes by so quickly. It has been some months that I visited England. I was in Leeds last November 13, 2008 with a friend named Ross...miss you all there!! hope to see you again! It was almost Christmas as I visited England. You can even see the tall Christmas tree in this photo taken at Victoria Mall in Leeds. This is not a cell tower guys but a very attractive and beautiful Christmas tree. I also love that fountain in the background..Shopping in Leeds is also awesome. If I can only bring a lot of stuffs in the plane without paying extra, I would surely do more shopping. Speaking of luggage, I even left some in a friend's house in Birmingham. I know for sure that I will visit England again. One of these days!! Hope you enjoy looking all the photos of my adventure..take care guys!!


PING_TM said...

Hi there fellow kababayan!

Just found your site while I am searching for a job here in Germany.hehe

Kaka ingit naman shopping galore na ikaw diyan.hehe Ako din sana dito in the future.hehe

Take care and God bless! ^_^


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