Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Friend and her family go for Vacation

First of all, I want to greet everybody a Happy Valentines Day. Valentines Day is not that much celebrated here in Germany compared to the United States but a lot of people especially the young ones already celebrate it now. I will be talking about my friend who just went home two weeks ago for vacation. I envy her because she will be staying in the Philippines for three months. She has a toddler now and she bring him with her. I know she is enjoying her vacation at this moment.

I am not very sure if she brought with her a car seat for her son who is around 8 months old now. My friend just like me also loves shopping. We used to shop together before and at the same time have fun too. Now I usually go shopping online because I find it boring to drive somewhere and go shopping alone. Just last night I bought a tripod online. I hope I can have it before Thursday next week because I badly needed it for a Carnival Parade.

Just to let you know guys, that I got another online site to go for shopping. For those who badly want to shop for all your baby needs, Shopwiki is always there for you. Simply name anything you need and they almost have it all!Have fun shopping!! Just to let you know that I am going home for vacation anytime this year. One last thing.. don't forget to buy some gifts for your love ones for today's special occasion.



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