Monday, March 9, 2009

Viewpoint: A fair deal for women

Yesterday, March 8 is the commemoration of the International Women's Day. Is there really a so-called "Equality Among People especially between Men and Women". I always heard it that women have equal rights with men but it is really happening? What about racism and discrimination that is happening around the world? Would you think there is really a solution for this? I am sorry guys, I can't even answer this question...better read this article about "A Fair Deal Among Women".

"Equality is enshrined as a principle at the heart of the European Union, yet only about one-third of Euro MPs are women. Gender discrimination remains widespread in Europe.

Here European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallstrom explains why she is campaigning to get more women into senior EU positions. This is part of a viewpoint series ahead of the June European elections.

"I am lucky to come from a country - Sweden - where gender equality is practically taken for

Margot Wallstrom says politics is still not an easy option for women

"I was first elected as an MP at the age of 24 and held ministerial positions in Sweden before being nominated twice as a European commissioner. It would be nice to think that this is the norm in all democracies, but unfortunately this is far from being the case. In Europe, for example, a fair representation of women in politics and business remains an unachieved dream.

I have been fortunate enough to have had a seat at tables where decisions are made, but in the governments of EU countries, only 24% are women, and most of them are in charge of cultural or social issues. Not even one in four members of national parliaments are women."continue reading here


EditorPinoy said...

Sakto jud ka about Women Rights mam.hehe Diri gali Germany ang sweldo sa Bae mas lesser jud sa Lake. Baw lang kaha nanu.hehe

Euroangel said...

na ambot ani uy Editor Pinoy..hehehe..ako wa jud mahimo ani..igo ra ko post sa ako idea....musta na dira??ayo2 kanunay uy..


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