Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paris I am Coming!

How was your Saturday weekend? I hope you have a great one! Not much for me. I just stayed at home for now. We went to Burglengenfeld again this afternoon to pick-up some stuffs in the hardware store.

I have a good news! My friend finally booked our trip to Paris by end of this month. I am very grateful about this dear friend of mine. I can't wait to see this capital city of France which is known and famous all over the world for its tourist attraction especially the Eiffel Tower. Don't you know that Paris is visited by around 45 million of tourists from all over the world? Thanks to dear Wikipedia for this info.

Lastly, I had a conversation with a friend here in Germany just some minutes ago. I did not met her yet in person. She seems to be a nice person. We were talking about our weights and heights to give some hints if ever we will meet one of these days. She was really surprised after I told here that the first time I came in Germany I was only around 53-55 kilos. Now I am already around 65 kilos..nakss!! Do you think I really need to take some weight loss products to lose fat or weight? I gues so!! Time to say goodbye!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!! have fun!

p.s. you might be wondering where I took this photo of Eiffel Tower..took this in Paris Hotel in Las Vegas during my vacation last year.



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