Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Visit to Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon

Have you heard about William Shakespeare? I hope so. It is almost midnight and I am feeling sleepy right now. I just started this post around 4:00 pm and until now, it is still not done. I got busy this afternoon till the night. I got a phone from a friend in Ramstein, Germany asking us to confirm if we will push through the trip to Paris, France by month end. The vacation leave of my husband is still not confirmed. I told my friend that whether my husband is coming or not with me, the trip will still be materialized..so brutal of me travelling alone all the time without my dear Schatz.anyway I really have to finish this post to go to bed as early as I can..

This photo was taken right in front of Shakespeare's birth house in Stratford Upon Avon in England. if you still don't know about him, I suggest that you better search it in the net like in Google or yahoo....I am bidding goodbye now!! have a great evening especially to European visitors and viewers of this blog.. take care folks!!


EditorPinoy said...

Wow grabe nimo mam oi! Byaan jud nimo imo husband? Whether his VLs will be approved or not?haha UNDERstanding diay imo schatz nimo mam kung mao na.hehe Cge woi, TC sa imo trip. God bless! ^_^

Euroangel said...

oist Higala, salamat sa visit ha..lagi uy..very kind and understanding jud ni ako Schatz..as in..blessed to have him in my life...tc pud diha kanunay..


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