Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking for More London Photos

I was absent in the blogosphere yesterday. As what I had mentioned this afternoon in my other site, I had a terrible migraine yesterday. I thought I need to go to the doctor and have a shot because sometimes a migraine tablet won't work anymore. But anyway, I am just thankful that it is gone now. I am still not feeling perfectly better but 99% better compared to yesterday.

Last Tuesday, I was wondering where my other photos from London are? I know I have a lot more but I don't see it in my external hard drive. I was trying to look at it in one of my USB sticks. I am hoping that I still did not delete it. Luckily, I found it this morning. As I was trying to upload the photos, it says "files were corrupted". Not so good thing! Hopefully I will find a way to transfer it to my external hard drive. This photo above was one of the corrupted files but see, I was able to upload it here..It simply means that my photos are maybe not corrupted. That's all for today here. I still need to visit my other blogs. I will see if I can go walking tomorrow when the weather is good so that I can have some exercise. I really don't want to take weight loss supplements beside that I haven't tried one either.

See you tomorrow gain!! take care everyone!

Trafalgar Square in London, England during my trip last year.



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