Friday, April 3, 2009

Bridges in Paris

Okey guys, let me tell you honestly something about Paris. I am just curious on how many bridges does Paris in France has? Since we had a cruise on its famous River named Seine during out trip last weekend, I can't really count how many bridges are there. I know we passed through different bridges there but I even don't know the name of the bridges where we passed. To answer my own question and my curiosity, I search it in the internet and found the answer. Thanks to my dear friend and consultant online, Wikipedia for the information. Actually I bought two travel books about Paris but until now, I still haven't read about the number of bridges in Paris. I already started reading it but due to being busy all the time, I am still not done reading. According to Wikipedia, Paris has 37 bridges. Among these 37 bridges three are pedestrians and two are rail bridges. Is it clear now? Hopefully next time, I will share the named of those 37 bridges. Time to say goodbye here! I still need to search an info about Anoretix. Enjoy your weekend!

One of the bridges we passed into during our cruise in Seine River in Paris, France last March 28, 2009. photo was taken by yours truly.



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