Thursday, April 2, 2009

Entertain Yourself While Traveling

How's everyone! I hope all are doing good since I am also doing very good! As usual, I will be talking about travel and travel and travel! Traveling can be very boring sometimes especially when you travel alone. I can't imagine how people in the old days travel long distance. I mean when airplanes and boats were still not invented. Special thanks and appreciation to the investors of these travel transportation!

Nowadays traveling can be a lot of fun even if you just sit-down in a bus, plane, boat or even in your car. Through the use of modern gadgets and technologies like Ipod, mp3 player, radio, television, psp and the like, traveling can be entertaining also. Have you heard about trading card games? I guess that with this game, you can also have fun while traveling. I visited the site about Herobits and read about it. Unlike any other character games that I know which focus on warcraft and warfare, I found the story of Herobits very useful and earth friendly. Actually this is the first time that I read about game characters that focus about the care of our environment. Isn't it a good entertainment at the same teaching the gamers on values that care about our Mother Earth? This game also talk about modern technologies and how the people slowly destroy the environment through it. Thanks to the Herobits who help restore Mother Nature and its people.

Herobits is already in countdown to start this entertainment. This might be very interesting especially for those who are fan of characters. If you want to add something in your game collections, I guess you better start subscribing now! You will certainly entertain yourself while traveling like I always do!

photo in front of Arc de Triumph in Paris, France taken last March 28, 2009
I love Paris!



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