Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Earth Free Games

Have you heard about CD Earth and the Free Games CD they offer? Before I start with my main topic, just some sharing first about shopping and travel. When you travel, shopping is always included. Whether this is a shopping for souvenirs of the city you go into or simply buying something to remind you of that place. I always do the same. I even bought a CD with different photos of Las Vegas during my vacation last year. The problem sometimes is when your luggage has a weight limit. One solution I found is better go online shopping. You don't have to worry anymore. Through online shopping, the stuffs you ordered will be delivered right in front of your door. Isn't it convenient?

With regards to online shopping, I found this site called CD Earth. If you love to shop for your software library, this place is a good one to go. I was browsing their site for a while to find some stuffs. And yes, I found a lot that caught my interest. These are software of graphic design studio, photo and image studio, 5001 greatest photos and more. What I love most is the free CD earth Action Games CD. This is a perfect gift for my brother who loves action. Whatever CD software you are looking from family to children, home and office, graphics and the like, CD earth is the place to go! I guess, I will be adding some collections in my CD Library! How about you?



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