Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll Let You Visit This Time The Tower Bridge in London, England

Have you been to London, England? Have you seen the Tower Bridge in London? If not I am sharing my photo during my trip to England last year. This is the side view of the Tower Bridge in London. Just a little information; don't confuse your mind with London Bridge and Tower Bridge, they are totally different. I even thought before that London Bridge is the one going up and down like in the song, "London Bridge is falling down". That is wrong. Tower bridge is the one falling down everytime there are ships passing by down under the bridge. London Tower is also different. It is a castle located near Tower bridge..I will share more photos next time. I hope you have an idea a now! have fun viewing the pictures here!

that's me taking a pose at the Tower Bridge in London, England with my Samsung S85 model.



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