Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Searching for a Holiday in Portugal

It's Spring Time now in Germany! This is the right time to travel again and spend some great vacation somewhere in Europe. I just had a short trip to Paris, France last month. It was a great one also. I know that there are a lot of beautiful and interesting places and cities here in Europe. I have been to some countries here already. Just this morning, I was looking for some advertisements and catalogs for trips and vacations which are send to us every now and then. I am thinking to go to Rome in Italy or probably spend a Portugal vacation. I am still not so sure where exactly to go.

Just now, I visited a site that offers great travel deals and accommodation in spending a Portugal holiday. I know Portugal is also a very nice place to spend a vacation. I already know some tourist spots in Portugal which I always heard like Lisbon, Algarve, Alentejo, Centro, Madeira, Azores and a lot more. I even see some photos of these tourist spots and attractions in these places. It made me think to go to Portugal first than in Rome. I have to talk about this to my husband. We can probably spend our summer vacation there. This sounds interesting!

Thanks to who offers great information and articles about Portugal. These are simply the things that tourist and visitors are looking. You can simply browse their site and look for the date of your holiday. They offer everything from golf hotels to family hotels, wellness hotels and different tours and sightseeing in any places and cities in Portugal. I guess I have to be quick in finding the perfect Portugal round trip before it is too late. I forgot to tell you that they also offer travel deals and vacation to Italy and Spain. I guess in other countries too. You don't have to worry because I visited their site and being a family own business, they can for sure give you a quality and great vacation possibilities. I might see you in Portugal this summer! Enjoy your vacation!

p.s. this photo is in Douro river in Porto, Grande Porto, Portugal's second most populated subregion...courtesy of Wikipedia



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