Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visiting Burglengenfeld Again and Again

How many times I have been to this town already? I guess more than fifty times since 2003. I sometimes go for grocery shopping in Burglengenfeld, a town here in Bavaria Germany. I also go to the doctor here sometimes. My husband's broken ankle was also operated last August 2007 in the hospital in Burglengenfeld. I seldom go around in this town because I only go to the grocery shops here. Today I had the chance to go a bit in the old town and also visited the old St. Vitus Church for the first time. This Church was built around 1135. ..very old huh! I was not able to go to the top of the castle because my husband was still in the doctor. We don't have enough time to go there. I got some photos anyway because you can see the castle from the clinic where my husband had an appointment. I guess my husband's knee will also be operated anytime. It is also caused by his bike accident last 2007. I just hope that my husband's guaranteed issue life insurance will have a better proceeds next year. We will see! more update tomorrow guys! have fun viewing!

taken in front of the clinic where my husband had an appointment..see that Burglengenfeld castle from afar? want to go there next time!...the photo above is the St. Vitus Church, a Catholic Church in this town.



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