Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm using a Cool Bag when I Travel

Good afternoon to all! It is a very nice sunny day today. The sun is still shining outside and the weather is truly perfect..not so cold not so warm! I guess this is a cool time for traveling or go sightseeing around. I will be sharing about travel gadgets this afternoon. Oh yes, I am also using Cool Bag when I travel. Wait a moment, I will share about a cool Coach handbag which I use everytime when I travel or simply going anywhere like shopping, visiting friends or simply when I go somewhere.

Just now, I found a very beautiful and attractive Coach handbag at Style Hive. It is beautifully designed and have cool colors. For sure my sister will love this one too if she will see the new designs of coach handbags. She is a coach fanatic in Las Vegas and already have some coach bags. The design is also very trendy and stylish..perfect for parties and gatherings! I also found very nice stuffs and women's favorites in Style Hive such as shoes, jewelries, clothing, women's accessories, sandals and a lot more. I also found very cool swimsuits which is perfect for summer. Are you looking for anything? I guess you know where to go!! have a great day!
that's me with my coach handbag in a Restaurant in Ballys Hotel in Las Vegas..thanks dear sistah for this gift. I also bought another coach handbag which is perfect for traveling!



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