Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wish To Travel Home To See My Mother

It is almost three years now that I have not seen my Mother. I wish I can go home this year to see my family especially my beloved Mother. My Mother has been one of the most influential and significant person in my life. She has mold me of what I am now. I could still remember my younger days as she thought me how to do household things like cooking, cleaning and sewing. The best one is cooking. I could not understand before why she always let me do a lot of things. Now I know and understand, this is for my own good. I cannot forget during honor's day when she go with me on the stage and put my medals and ribbons on my neck. I know my Mother is proud of me. I am thankful that I have parents like them. They might not be perfect but they always tried their best to give us everything.

Since Mother's day is almost approaching, I am thinking of giving her a special present. How about ordering mothers day flowers from 1-800- Flowers. I love the flower arrangement they have here. It is a perfect gift for special Mothers like my Mama. I love that two dozen long stem roses for her. Perfect gift for a perfect name Rosa. That's my Mama's name. If you are looking for a perfect Mother's gift, a lot of lovely and beautiful bouquet of flowers are available at 1-800-Flowers. Remember Mothers are always special! Advance Happy Mother's day especially to my Mama Rosa.


Betsy said...

Oh I hope you make it home! She must miss you!


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