Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Time to Go Camping!

The weather is getting nice this time. It is sunny today but the breeze is a bit chilly. I guess this is the perfect time to go camping. I always wanted to go camping anywhere in Europe. My friend told me that they go camping in Italy last time and it was a very nice experience. I want to experience the same but I have to wait until my husband will have a summer vacation. Anyway have you heard about gettysburg camping? I remember during my school days about Gettysburg Address made by the former US President Lincoln. I even delivered this speech in our class when I was in high school.

I believed this place is a very good one for camping because there are also nearby interesting spots to visit. Getting an rv camping gettysburg can be a very exciting and adventurous experience. You also don't have to worry because if you don't own an RV, they have available cabins for you to stay. As I browse further on this site, I found out that it is complete with various amenities. I can't wait to have my next travel in the US and experience a great pa rv camping. I just remember that it is one year now since I had a two months vacation in the US. I'll visit you soon! wait a minute.. I almost forgot to mention that they offer now 3 days 2 nights free camping! Enjoy your trip!

FYI: the photo here was taken in Disneyland, California near Grizzly River Ride..i wish to go back to the US next time!


Denise said...

I haven't been to Gettysburg in several years but enjoyed the experience very much. Never went camping though so can't say much about the RV parks. I do know though that there are many good ones from what friends have told me over the years. Enjoyed your post and photograph.

4udiary said...

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