Sunday, May 10, 2009

Escape To The Castle Ruins of Donaustauf

Yesterday was a great day for me. I am just a bit sad but felt happy again because my favorite for Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar or known shortly as DSDS won. That's also the reason why I took a short break some minutes ago to watch the verdict of the people. Anyway, I will give you more update of this once I upload the photo tomorrow. More picture to come later! Good morning to all!
I guess my title is also right! I had an escape with my husband yesterday at the castle ruins in Donaustauf after we went to Walhalla and Gewerbepark in Regensburg. For now, I am just sharing this very beautiful view of the Castle ruins with the Danube River as the background! Amazing place! Beautiful view!
The castle ruins in Donaustauf. It is also called Burg Donaustauf. The river you can see in the background is the Donau or Danube River..amazing scenery!



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