Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Euro Travel in Nabburg in Oberpfalz, Germany

We made a short trip in some municipalities in the Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate here in Bavaria, Germany. One of the places we visited is Nabburg. It is is a municipality in the district of Schwandorf, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the river Naab, 23 km east of Amberg. It is around one hour drive from our place. This municipality is not so big but it is full of history. I can see it as we went walking around the old town.

You can see the background of my picture here, that is the Gothic St. John the Baptist Church in Nabburg. It was built around 1400. It was said that the Church had two towers before but now it has one tower. It is called or designated as cathedral by many people. Sad to say, I was not able to go inside the Church yesterday because there was a funeral mass. My husband don't want me also because he knows that once I go inside the Church, I can't stop to take pictures and might be a disturbance during the mass. St. John the Baptist Church in Nabburg is also considered to be the most outstanding and important Gothic Church in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria. I will give you more updates and photos about this municipality in my Travel and Explore Germany site.

my travel is not complete without taking some evidence of it..It was a great day yesterday visiting some places in Germany!



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