Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finding A Cheap Flight

I am planning long time ago for my vacation this year back in my home country. It is almost three years not that I did not visit home. I guess I am just busy with my Europe trip! wink! Some days ago, I have been browsing for cheap flights. I believed everybody wants a cheap holiday and cheap flights at the same time. Agree with me guys? if you have to ask me, I always look for cheap vacation with comfortable travel and accommodation. The good thing that we have now is that, we can already search in the internet for the most affordable travel and vacation.

I was browsing a while ago for cheap flights back home. I stumbled at and was browsing further until I redirected to This site is especially for Australian clients and I wish that I live in Australia now because it is now so far from home. Anyway, offers international flights from any cities in Australia to anywhere around the globe. I even find their flights very competitive.

I hope I can board on Singapore airlines when I go home this year. An info for Australian friends, if you are looking for cheap airfare from united airlines to jetstar, quantas, delta airlines and any other airplane companies, why not try to find in one of Australia's oldest travel website. is a good place to go! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

fyi: these are the pictures I had from Birmingham, England. The first one was taken as I arrived in Birmingham international airport. The second photo was taken o somewhere in Birmingham. you can click the photo to enlarge..


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