Friday, May 1, 2009

Travel and Shopping Goes Together!

When you go for vacation especially in one of the coolest shopping places of the world, you can't see no to shopping. I was mistaken when I said, I will not go shopping in Vegas. Besides that I really had fun during my shopping escapades, I also had a lot of good deals. Want to go shopping in one of the sexiest shop in the world? I think, I can't do that anymore because I am back now in Europe. I have not seen any Victoria shops here in Germany. Any idea out there?

One of the shops I always visit in Vegas is Victoria Secret. I even bought a lot of Victoria's Secret products such as Victoria's Secret bra, bags, lingerie's, perfumes, lotions and a lot more. I am just happy that I already found an online site that sells Victoria's Secret products. It is no other than Style Hive. I already know Style Hive some months ago but I never know that they also sells VS products. Now my shopping will be more fun and full of excitement again through Style Hive. See that photo here, these are only some of the Victoria's Secret products that I shopped while I was in Vegas! I miss Vegas and my shopping escapades there. Have a great day to all! My last word for today, Travel and Shopping Goes Together!



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