Monday, May 4, 2009

Wish To Attend a University in Europe

How about a travel to education, learning and trainings tonight. Before that, let me tell you first about myself so that I can give you a bit insight about my topic. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting back home. I also worked before in the Top 3 banks there for almost 9 years. As I came to Germany, I had all my papers regarding my education and work experiences being evaluated . Sad to say, it is not recognized here. It means I have to go back to school again which also means that I am back to zero. I can be accepted in a University but I need to have around one thousand hours to learn German language and need to pass the C1 German language examination. I only have the B1 German certificate. It is depressing sometimes but what can I do.

I did not lost hope and still wishes to go back to school again. Sometimes I am thinking why not attend online courses and trainings. Or probably grab materials from Joshua Fuson's Home Business Success Academy. As to my understanding about this, even if I only stay at home, I can also earn money by working at home. As I look about their services their are couple of training packages that I found very interesting. The first one is about their Ultimate Training Package about Blogging Monetization and Strategies. I love blogging and I am thinking why not make more extra income from it if I only learn more blogging strategies. Probably I don't need to go back to school again but learn everything at home like what HSBAonline offers. Any suggestions guys! I would love to hear from you.



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