Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inverted Pyramid in Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Do you know that there is also an inverted pyramid that you can see in Louvre Museum in Paris, France? It is called La Pyramide Inversée in French or simply The Inverted Pyramid. This is located in the underground shopping mall in front of the Louvre Museum. This is just a small pyramid compared to the famous Louvre Pyramid proper. I also remember that we took a very long walk visiting the different museums inside Louvre. I guess a whole day walking and seeing all those museums is not enough. At least I saw some especially the famous Monalisa painting of Leonardo d Vinci. If you have to walk round Paris everyday, I guess you don't need to take diet pills to loss extra weight. Agree with me guys! Paris is one of a kind and a must city to visit!


wisteria said...

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PierreJ said...

Thanks for sharing this intersting pic and congratulations on a finr blog. Its been a pleasure browsing and I'll certainly be back for more! Perhaps you would care to also share some of your experiences or images with the trivago travel community?
Regards from Cape Town,

bluedreamer27 said...

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Regina said...

Hello Ruby. Can you take pictures of the display inside the Louvre?


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