Friday, June 5, 2009

Remembering My Euro Travel in Paris, France

If the symbol of Rome is Colosseum, there is no doubt that Paris's symbol is without doubt the Eiffel Tower. Both are monuments which are unique in planning and construction, both stir admiration by their extraordinary dimensions and both bear witness to man's inborn will to build something capable of demonstrating the measure of his genius.

I am honored to see one of the amazing architectures of all times which is the Eiffel Tower. I finally saw this magnificent architecture last March 2009 during our trip there. This tower was erected on the occasion of the World Fair in 1889. A French engineer, Gustave Eiffel was behind all the building of this great monument. I suggest that you better type in search engines like google to know more about Eiffel Tower. I will try to give you more infos next time.

that's me with the background Eiffel Tower. This was taken in Palais the Chaillot where you can see the good whole view of the tower. I'm happy to be there and still hoping to be backed in the future.



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