Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping Escapades in Czech Republic

I did went to Czech Republic for the third time last Saturday. I had fun shopping there especially in the duty free and the so-called Fiji market there. It was a very cool place for shopping. I did shop for some cheap chocolates like toblerone and milka which are on sale that time. If I compared the prices here in Germany, it is around 25% cheaper. We also went to another market called as Fiji by my husband. I don't exactly know the spelling of Fiji because that's how they call the market there. I guess that place is called Česká Kubice where we also went shopping. It is like the Tabobanay in Cebu, Philippines. You must know how to bargain with the price so that you can have it cheaper. I bought some stuffs there also.

After our Czech Republic shopping, we also went around some parts of the Bayerischer Wald or the Bavarian Forest. more updates in my other blogs. have a great evening to all!
I had fun going around the garden center because of the stuffs they sell like in the picture here. It was a great but tiring Saturday.


Regina said...

I love shopping great..

Ian Bryce said...

Are those dwarf figures called knome?


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