Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting an Affordable but Great Vacation

It's travel time again! Would you believe guys that everyday, I am always looking for cheap and affordable vacation on flyers, catalogues, newspaper and in the internet. Since the weather is getting better for the past two months, we always have short trips anywhere. We do it every weekend when my husband has free time. I believed that you don't need to be rich or millionaire to see beautiful and interesting places. Just like me, I always dream to go to different cities and countries. That dream should be accompanied with action and it will slowly come true. One good action is to save money to spend for a good and memorable holiday. Another thing is, watch out if there are travel agencies that offer special promotions or cheap holidays. I am doing the same guys. Imagine I am jobless but I already visited a lot of cities in Europe. It's because I'm setting aside money for it for my little income as freelancer.

Nowadays you can already browse for lots of affordable vacations in the internet. You might want to type in Google Sundance Travel Agency or simply Sundance Vacation. I am quite interested about their vacation packages and also their promos. I believed their customers had enjoyed much of their services because they also have promotions like the chance to win in their lottery and vacation give-aways. I was also amazed by the service and full guarantee that I read in their site. What caught my attention is their 3C's policy which simply stands for clean, comfortable and convenient. Isn't it what you looking when you travel? If you have to ask me, I will surely say yes! So people out there, slowly enjoy your summer vacation now and start planning for your discount holidays..It's time to enjoy seeing places or relax under the sun!

I am also sharing a photo of our trip to Paris, France last March of this year! You can see in the background the Eiffel Tower during our cruise in Seine River. Feel free to visit my other travel blogs for more photos!


James said...

Hi Angel, Great post and photo. My wife and I are the same way we love to travel and I am really good at getting great deals. Infact check-out my Newtown blog I posted about the hotel deal and some of our Philadelphia 4th of july weekend.
We were in Paris in February. When we go to Paris we stay in an apartment right in the middle of Palais Royal instead of a hotel.
I love your blogs but for some reason I have trouble getting in.
I look forward to hearing about your next trip.

James said...

Hi Ruby it's me again You have such a great blog that I want to award you.

When you get a chance please visit my Something Sighted blog.


Have a great day!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love travelling around too. I have visit Paris in 2006 and love it. My more recent trip is here in Sydney, we went to Canberra, Australian Territory Capital. I always was setting aside saving for travel around. But we relocated to Australia December 2008, so I’d have to wait a bit.
Thanks for making me remember so wonderful trip.
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