Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Euro Travel in Passau, Germany

There are a lot of main sights here in Passau, a city in Bavaria, Germany. I still did not visit all the main sights because we just had a short trip last time. That building you see on the top of the hill is the so-called Veste Oberhaus. I was not able to go up there. Hopefully this year when my sister will visit Germany, we will go back to Passau.

Main Sights

Tourism in Passau focuses mainly on the three rivers, the St. Stephen's Cathedral (Der Passauer Stephansdom) and the "Old City" (Die Altstadt). With 17,774 pipes, the organ at St. Stephen's was long held to be the largest church pipe organ in the world and is today second in size only to the organ at First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, which was expanded in 1994. Organ concerts are held daily between May and September. St.Stephen is a true masterpiece of Italian Baroque,built by Italian architect Carlo Lurago and decorated in part by Carpoforo Tencalla. Many river cruises down the Danube start at Passau and there is a cycling path all the way down to Vienna. It is also notable for its gothic and baroque architecture. The town is dominated by the Veste Oberhaus and the former fortress of the Bishop, on the mountain crest between the Danube and the Ilz rivers. Right beside the town hall is the Scharfrichterhaus, an important jazz and cabaret stage on which political cabaret is performed.


James said...

It will be a few years before I go to Europe again, but I would love to go here.
Thanks for the info!


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