Monday, July 27, 2009

Have A Stress-free and Debt-Free Holiday

Did you see my photo here guys? Would you believe that I had a pose with Pope John Paul II and Dalai Lama? This was taken in Madame Tussauds in London during my three weeks holiday in England last year. Actually my main topic here is about having a stress-free and debt-free holiday. Is this really possible? Yes, it is because I am doing it. Before I start, let me tell you first a story about a certain person. She loves to travel in Europe but sad to say most of the money she spent for her trips are cash advances and loans from bank. The worst thing now , she can't already pay back all her debts. The banks even sent her lawsuits last year because she don't anymore make payments of her debts. Another sad thing, she her house which is also in mortgage was almost repossess last year. I guess she is doing better now. If I am not mistaken she hired services from Abacus Debt Management Plan to help her manage her debts. Since then she also don't make a lot of travel now because she is slowly tightening her belt.

Back to my title..A lot of friends were asking why I can travel to different cities and countries. I am just giving you tips right now. Try to save money for your holiday and plan for your travel ahead. If possible try to search for cheap vacation deals. Always look for advertisements or flyer that offer cheap holiday. Lastly, if you are drown to a lot of debts now, you better try to ask the help of professionals. There are financial companies like Abacus Finance who can help you manage and consolidate those tons of debts. Feel free to visit their sites for more information. Have a stress-free and debt-free holiday!

Please move the cursor to see the whole picture..have fun viewing!


ZQ Travels said...

Nice... the wax figure looked so real. ah.. how i wished i had the time to visit London Mdm Tussaud.. i visited the Hong Kong branch though - very interesting


Wolynski said...

And how is the Pope and Dalai? Never mind vacations, people are having a hard time living a debt free life.


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