Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Wish to Go for A Vacation In The Beach

It's vacation time! I just received a comment in friendster from a friend asking me if we are going for a summer vacation. It is summer now in Europe and most of the kids have off from schools for summer vacation. How I wish I can spend a summer holiday in Myrtle Beach Resort. Every time I see nice beaches like Myrtle Beach, this always reminds me of my home country. I truly miss home and hopefully this year, I will spend some months of vacation at the beach back home.

I also dream of spending a vacation in the different beaches in the world. One of it is the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina. I know that this place has been a major tourist destination in the Southeastern part of United States. It is a very beautiful coastal city where you can find different Myrtle Beach Resorts. This place has also become a shopping destination and entertainment for many due to its amusement parks.

Sad to say, I don't have the chance to visit this place during my two months vacation in the United States last year. I know one of these days, I can spend a vacation in the famous beaches of South Carolina. The place where I dream to stay is at Towers on the Grove! I'll let you know once my dream is materialized! How about you? Any plan to spend a vacation there?

p.s. the first photo is our vacation house in the Philippines and the second one is the Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada taken during my vacation in the U.S. last year. click the photos to enlarge!


Regina said...

Good. Enjoy your summer.


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