Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking A Vacation At The Beach

How about taking a vacation at the beach this time! This post is special one because I am planning for a vacation at the beach. It is around 55% possible this year. I will let you know once it is materialize.

I hope that the weather will be friendly tomorrow because we will be gone for swimming. It is normally summer but it still keeps on raining the past days. Are you ready for a vacation and go swimming at Myrtle Beach Resort? Honestly guys, I haven't gone to any Myrtle Beach Resorts yet. During my two months vacation in the United States last year, we only passed-by at Laguna Beach in California and Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada but never go swimming there.

My sisters are planning to invite me again in the US. I hope that we can stay in one of Myrtle Beach Hotels. This is one of the hotels I am dreaming to stay. I had seen their hotels and its amenities in the internet which attracts me to stay there. Taking a great vacation once in a while is worthy to pay-off all your hard work. This is especially true for people who are working hard and need to relax and stay away from stress in the work place. Why not treat yourself and your family for your dream vacation! Come on guys, you deserve it!

I am also sharing here a picture of my home country where the beaches are very fabulous! I miss this place and I hope and pray that I can spend again a vacation here.

I truly miss this place...and hope to visit it soon this year!


jasperjugan said...

myrtle beach? saw this place in different airports en route to somewhere for a number of times and didn't know it's actually a beach place


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