Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visit to Eremitage Palace in Bayreuth, Germany

That was a very nice day yesterday. It was not so warm and not so cold. We visited the Eremitage Palace in Bayreuth and it was truly worth seeing. I was also amazed by the beauty and arrangement of the garden. Another thing that also caught my attention was the Sun-Temple in Eremitage which you can see in the first photo below. Yesterday was a trip that was full of walking. I guess I don't need to take the best weight loss pill if I can go walking everyday in this castle. If I only live near this palace, I would like to go there for walking everyday. Imagine there is no entrance when going around the gardens and palace. Unless if you want a tour guide or go inside the museum of the palace, that is the time that you have to pay. I can't imagine how many kilometers we walked yesterday but it was truly a great experience. Below are some photos for you to see. Feel free to visit my other sites for more updates and pictures.

The so-called Upper Grotto which was constructed by Joseph Saint-Pierre and Karl Philip Gontard (1749-1753) according to the idea of Margravine Wilhelmine.
That building is the Orangerie and the middle part is the Sun-Temple where you can see on top the God Apollo.

Another part of the garden in the Eremitage Palace in Bayreuth.


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wow, that's a beautiful place to visit. enjoy your week.


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