Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fasching is Almost Here!

It is amazing how time flies by so fast. Now is already September, the beginning of Ber months. Big celebrations such Halloween, Christmas, New Year and this so-called Fasching is almost coming. Let me explain a bit about Fasching. It is a festival in Germany that is celebrated before Lenten season. It is usually celebrated in the months of January and February. Street parties and parade with different costumes like Halloween are also worn during Fasching celebration. It has been a long time that I want to buy some Halloween costumes to be worn during this event.

I found a very nice Renaissance Queen costume at pinatas.com. I love this dress with Gold inlet and Gold accents. A headpiece is also included. The price is also very cheap compared to the ones I saw in some stores. I am also interested about the style of Tavern Wench. It makes happy to know that they accept paypal payment since I don't have a credit card. They also have a good deal because if you order over $50.00, delivery is free with the code "pppfree". I want to check if they deliver products in Europe. I would be happy if they would because I want to order this dress style that I posted here. I can't only use it not only during Halloween parties but in a lot of festivals in Europe like the Landshut Wedding festival in Germany. This sounds interesting!



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