Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing in Bavaria, Germany

Welcome to the second largest festival in Bavaria, Germany, the Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing. Actually guys this festival is already over. It is considered to be the second largest festival next to Oktoberfest of October Festival in Munich in the state of Bavaria. It is said that there are more than a million of guests and visitors who visit this festival every year. It is held in the middle of August and lasted for eleven days.

What caught most of my attention as we visited the festival was, a lot of German people wore the so-called Trachten, Dirdl and Lederhose which are considered to be the national costume of Germany. I also visited Oktoberfest in Munich last year but there were more people last month in Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing who wore Trachten, Dirdl and Lederhose or leather pants in this festival.

I truly appreciate and admire how the German people preserve their culture and tradition through festivals like these. More updates to come about this famous festival in Bavaria.

you see that crown? That is the symbol of the Gäubodenvolksfest

The Gäubodenvolksfest was founded by Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria in the year 1812 as an agricultural festival to organize an annual meeting of the people in the Danube region.

Did you see that ladies who wear dresses? those are only example of Trachten or Dirdl costumes



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