Friday, September 18, 2009

Shopping at Folmova in Czech Republic

I guess this will be my last entry for tonight. I am quite tired and sleepy now. We also have to wake-up early tomorrow for a cruise in Danube River. I am quite excited because this will be my first cruise in the second longest river in Europe. It will be a one day trip tomorrow. What else I want to talk tonight? You want something yummy? I guess you have seen the photo of that big chocolate bars here. Does it look tasty? I believed for chocolate lovers like me and my husband, yes it is very delicious. These are only some of the stuffs I shopped during our trip to the Duty Free in Folmova, Czech Republic last time. I will be putting these bars of chocolates inside my Balikbayan boxes. I am just so busy this week that I still did not start packing my boxes. I must start packing it soon so that it will reach home on time for the Holiday season. I am also planning to buy wonka laffy taffy candy but I cannot find it in German stores. I guess I have to tell my sister in Las Vegas to buy it for me. She told me that she will be sending home Balikbayan boxes too. The whole family, friends, relatives and even neighbors will be happy for these presents. I also want to buy more candies for give aways during the Kids Christmas party that I am planning back home.

I can't wait to spend Christmas time again in my home country. It's been six years now that I did not experience Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Some friends are also sending messages and asking the exact time I will go home for vacation. I guess that's all for now. Before I forget I also want to ask if you are still shopping for candies and chocolates for your balikbayan boxes. If you simply love to eat these delicious stuffs, feel free to visit Sugarstand for all kinds of candies and chocolates. Here are also some photos I had during our trip to Folmova in Czech Republic.

another shop we went shopping in Folmova, Czech Republic. They have a lot of things here as you can see in the photo.

That building is the Duty Free in Folmova. I also bought a lot of stuffs there.



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